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When your travel agents go on a date, you have to take the trip into your own hands. Join Christian—a teddy bear on a tour around Europe—and his friends as they discover the European capital with the help of a local guide.

  • Get off the beaten path and discover interesting spots beyond the historical city centre.
  • Glimpse into Czech daily life, culture, and history.
  • Help all plushies get back to their home countries!

Destination: Prague is a short visual novel developed for NaNoRenO 2020. You can download the demo below—full release is coming later in 2020.

Meet the cast

Christian, an overly serious bear

  • Emma on him: “Christian likes to pretend I’m his wife. He’s so sweet.”
  • Brian on him: “He had fun once and didn’t like it.”
  • ??? on him: “A good fellow when he lets himself relax.”

Emma, his “wife”

  • Christian on her: “Emma is my oldest friend and partner.”
  • Brian on her: “She is less funny than my owner's mom.”
  • ??? on her: “She’s outgoing and silly. A good match to Christian.”

Brian, a boy bear

  • Christian on him: “That boy is trouble.”
  • Emma on him: “Thanks to Brian, our trip took an exciting turn.”
  • ??? on him: “It’s embarassing, I was just like him as a kid.”

???, their new friend and guide

  • Christian on him: “He would make a fine pen friend, if not for his personality.”
  • Emma on him: “I can’t pronounce his name, but he’s a great guide.”
  • Brian on him: “He’s an alright guy.”

Get the game

You can download the game below! If you play it, I'd love to hear your thoughts about it as this is my first VN project :)


DestinationPrague-1.0-demo-pc.zip 121 MB

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